Stump Grinding Solutions for the Abilene, TX Area

Are you sick of looking at that unsightly eyesore in your yard? Are you tired of maneuvering your mower around stumps when doing your yard work? Have you ever tried digging a stump out of the ground yourself and found it to be an impossible task?

Our Stump Removal Services are the Answer!

Tree stumps can be an unpleasant eyesore on the lawn or landscape of any property. These roots make it difficult to do yard work and can present tripping hazards. They will continue to grow along with their roots, which can affect your driveway, sidewalks, underground pipes and lines, and even the foundation of your home. Termites can even take up residence in abandoned tree stumps, posing a serious risk to any wooden structure in your yard. Stump grinding is the most cost-effective stump removal service, minimizing the amount of damage to your property.

AAA Cutting Edge is equipped with powerful equipment that can quickly and efficiently remove stumps from your property. If the stump is not already closely cut to the ground, we will trim it down and then grind it all the way down below the surface of the ground. We will then clean up all the wood chips from the stump grinding area and haul them off, unless you want us to leave them behind for you to use as mulch for your landscaping.

Don’t live with an eyesore and potential hazard in your yard, hire AAA Cutting Edge to take care of those stumps for you. Let us provide you with the edge! Call us and let us know how we can help with your stump removal needs.

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